CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection is essential to guarantee the quality of your product before it hits your doorstep. CMM is short for Coordinate-Measuring Machine. A CMM is a piece of equipment that measures the geometry of an object by sensing distinct points on the surface of the product with a probe. Many different types of probes are used in coordinate-measuring machines. White light, laser, mechanical, and optical are some of the more common types of probes.

RBR Machine has a top-notch quality team equipped with the most advanced CMM equipment in the market. Both manual and computer-controlled inspections are complete on every production we complete. This allows us to guarantee superior quality every time.

A CMM inspection will measure the desired object along the X, Y, and Z-axis. Once the part is fully measured, we will then compare it to the initial design blueprint to confirm the finished product is adequately identical to the original blueprint. CMMs are perfect for measuring objects at any stage of production. This allows us to quickly find any issues before the project is complete or before larger-volume projects are to begin.

Support Equipment

Engine Lathe

Manual Mill

Full fabrication department Sheetmetal forming
Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Titanium,
Inconel Welding

Sodick VL 600Q Wire EDM (new in 2018)
X-23.62", Y-15.75", Z-10.63", U/V Travel
3.15" X 3.15


Inspection Equipment

Gagemaker Thread Measuring, JSS Measuring
for API Threads

Zeiss Accura CMM (new in 2012)
Measuring size: 118.11" length 47.24" width
39.37" height

Zeiss Duramax 5/5/5 CMM (new in 2018

Gagemaker Mic-Trac


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Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Consistent inspections are essential to ensuring a successful production run. Why? CMM inspections increase efficiencies and reduce material waste which will save our customers time and money in the long run. Having the ability to fully analyze a part and then compare it to the original design data is extremely important.

If you don’t work with RBR Machine as your CNC manufacturer, no problem. We’ll gladly inspect any product you ask of us. Once complete, you’ll receive an in-depth inspection report detailing our findings. Implementing CMMs in the final stages of your production process is vital if you want to ensure you have the perfect product.

Coordinate-Measuring Machine Benefits

1: Accuracy – CMMs greatly reduce the risk of human error and can find any issues with the finished product. Finding issues at the beginning of the manufacturing process will not only save you time but also save you money.

2: Speed – CMMs can quickly take 3-dimensional measurements of any product. The setup time required is extremely fast as well. You can quickly find any errors and correct them right away.

3: Versatile: Being computer-controlled, it doesn’t matter how complex your part is. CMMs will easily measure and provide the data you require to move forward.

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