Aerospace Precision Manufacturing

Every year, more than 4 billion people book travel on a commercial flight, and millions more fly in small aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft, or on rockets designed to orbit the Earth. All these people rely on the aerospace industry to build safe, reliable equipment that can transport people hundreds or thousands of miles to where they need to go.

Aerospace manufacturers must have reliable partners to help get the parts required to build these complex, high-performance machines. Every piece that goes into the production of precision instruments and machines — from engines and flight hardware to the outer shell of a jet — must meet the most exacting standards for quality, functionality, and durability under stress.

Meeting Your Aerospace Manufacturing Challenges

RBR Machine has the skills, tools, and machinery to create the most precise, innovative and highly specialized machine parts you need for aerospace manufacturing. We are ISO 9001 certified and AS9100 registered to meet the most stringent quality standards and requirements from the DOD, NASA and the FAA. Every part we make is designed to match the most precise tolerances to ensure the safety of passengers, crew and others on an aircraft.

More than 95% of our machines were purchased in the last two years. We use the latest in automated CNC machining for the highest level of accuracy and consistency in all our products. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to create a wide range of specialized equipment to meet even the most extreme machining standards in a cost-effective way. Let us know how we can assist you!

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To find out how our extensive expertise and experience in aerospace precision manufacturing can give you peace of mind knowing that every piece of equipment will meet the specifications and extreme performance demands in the aerospace industry, contact RBR Machine today.


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