Precision Components for Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy use is increasing all over the world as more and more countries and companies move away from fossil fuels and transition to cleaner energy sources. In this highly complex industry, having advanced and precise components is essential for efficient plant operations and the safety of employees and the surrounding communities.

The Quality and Durability You Expect

RBR Machine produces only the highest-quality parts and components to meet the exacting standards of the nuclear industry, with state-of-the-art equipment that keeps up with the latest advances in precision manufacturing. We are ISO 9001 certified with highly skilled precision machinists and engineers who understand how critical quality is in this industry. Every component we create meets the most precise tolerances to continue working without excessive wear and tear and abrasion.

Keeping Your Nuclear Energy Facilities Running

For power companies, every minute matters, and you never want your facility out of commission because the parts and components that you use in everyday operations can’t hold up under the demands. In addition, nuclear energy plants must follow the most stringent protocols for safety, and every piece of equipment in your energy facility plays a role. We deliver:

  • Single parts and components
  • Prototypes
  • Reactor components and parts
  • Full production for any machined parts
  • Complex and custom parts with intricate requirements and tolerances

We use CNC machining to produce the parts you need quickly without sacrificing quality, and we inspect all our parts in-house before sending them out. Plus, you get transparency throughout the entire process with end-to-end job tracking on every order.

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Don’t leave your nuclear energy parts manufacturing to just anyone. Trust the experts at RBR Machine for quality, durability, and integrity in nuclear energy precision manufacturing.

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