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EDM is an acronym that stands for Electrical Discharge Machining. Wire Cut EDM has many names. Some include spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning, or wire erosion. A desired shape made by the use of electrical sparks or discharges. The machining process was began in the 1960s. The first CNC Electrical discharge machine was then created in 1976. We serve the following industries with our cutting services:
Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Solar, Nuclear, and Agriculture.
Wire Cut uses an electric current to cut through metal to make a desired shape. In other words, This allows for very accurate and smooth cuts.  Instead of cutting the material, this process vaporizes it. As a result, you’re left with accurate cut lines every time. RBR Machine will get you the perfect product every time, guaranteed.
This process is practical for many applications. It’s perfect for cutting and creating very small pieces. Cutting often the perfect solution for any small, delicate, and detailed parts. Cutting is often paired with our 5-axis turning service. Both techniques combined allow us to produce complicated parts. Are you looking for a low quantity production run? Are you in need of a prototype? No matter the reason, we’ll be able to get you your desired part at a competitive price!


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EDM Machine:

1: The ability to produce complex shapes
2: Able to machine tough work pieces all while achieving very tight tolerances
3: Ability to create smaller parts. Other machining tools may damage the material from excess tool pressure
4: Produce fine holes and tapered holes with ease
5: Meet the finest surface finishes
6: Machine softer sections and weaker materials without the risk of distortion. There is no direct contact


EDM Cutting:

How are EDM & Wire Cut EDM different?

Traditional EDM can’t produce as narrow angles or complex patterns as Wire Cut EDM can. Wire Cut machines maneuver the wire on a three-dimensional axis. The EDM machine is computer controlled. This allows a far more precise cutting process. This results in more complex cuts.

What materials can Wire EDM cut?

Wire Cut EDM can cut through a variety of different materials. Here are a few examples. Conductive materials such as brass, alloys, superalloys, titatanum, aluminum, and steel. EDM wire is the perfect solution for almost any machined part.


Is Wire cutting accurate? 

Wire Cut EDM is accurate. You can expect the tightest of tolerances when you use Wire cut EDM.


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