Oil & Gas

Precision Manufacturing for the Oil & Gas Industry

In the competitive landscape of oil exploration and production, speed and precision are everything. From keeping all the heavy equipment running to ensuring that you stay one step ahead of the competition, it’s important to have a precision manufacturing partner you trust.

RBR Machine provides gas companies with the equipment and parts they need to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Our CNC machines are on the cutting edge of technology, reducing production time, limiting errors and improving accuracy in everything we manufacture.

On Time and On Budget

Keeping every piece of equipment running at optimal levels ensures that you meet all your revenue goals for oil and gas production, transport, refining and exploration. Having the parts and equipment you need delivered on time and on budget might seem like a small piece of a large and complex operation, but not having these items when you need them, or getting low-quality parts that don’t meet your exacting specifications, can quickly bring production to a halt.

We provide everything you need for oil and gas production:

  • Downhole tools
  • Frac plugs
  • Engineering expertise
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • CNC machining and milling

Helping You Stay Ahead

The oil and gas industry is competitive, and staying ahead of the competition is what drives growth in your business. Don’t waste valuable time with a precision manufacturing shop that doesn’t deliver on time or gives you low-quality or inconsistent products. Find out how RBR Machine can get you the parts you need today to keep your oil and gas equipment running tomorrow.