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Turnkey Manufacturing Company

RBR Machine offers the best turnkey manufacturing service in Texas. Turnkey manufacturing is the perfect solution for any industry. For some projects, it might not make sense to do everything in-house. Therefore, we will handle projects from the design phase, to aftermarket support. And everything between.


Our process is simple. You provide us with a clear set of requirements and directions to ensure your desired outcome, and we’ll help you get there.


RBR Machine specializes in:

1: New product design based on your requirements, documentation, and manufacturing
2: First, we’ll locate gaps within your current designs. Next, we’ll come up with a solution to the gap. Finally, we’ll produce a custom solution that is ideal for your goals.



How Can We Help?

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Turnkey Manufacturing Benefits:

1: Communication

When you work with RBR Machine as your full-service manufacturer, communication is simple. Pushed timelines due to managing and relying on multiple companies will be a thing of the past. Therefore, we remove the burden of tracking down many companies and getting everyone on the same page. Come to us with any issue, question, or request and we will handle the rest.

2: Simple Invoicing –

Less is more. Turnkey manufacturing service is about making things easier for you! Working with one company means you will only deal with one invoice. Being pulled into multiple directions at once is a thing of the past. All invoices come from the same company!

3: Reduced Costs & Better Quality Product –

If you want to save money, time, and headache RBR Machine can help. We’ll handle the design, manufacturing, and installation for any production. This means you’ll use less labor, and also receive a lower rate, when compared to the alternative. Working with one company will produce a higher quality product. Therefore, as more companies are introduced, setbacks and delays increase. As setbacks and delays increase, quality usually takes a dip as well.

RBR Machine is very flexible and we understand every project is unique. Right from the start, we’ll work with you to provide multiple solutions that will best suit you and your request. Our priority is quality, speed, and your satisfaction!